Pre-paid funeral plans

Many people choose to pre-plan and pre-pay for their funeral in advance. It’s a sensible way of ensuring your wishes are carried out and paid for without having to burden your family at an already stressful time. If you have made a will, why not organise a pre-paid funeral plan? We use Golden Charter Funeral Plans, one of the UK’s biggest funeral plan providers and are only used by Independent Funeral Directors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is simply your wishes written down and paid for in advance.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. All monies paid into your unique plan are put into a separate, secure trust fund owned and managed by Golden Charter. This means if we ceased to trade, your funeral plan is still 100% safe and guaranteed. When the time comes, your representative named on your application would contact us, we would carry out your funeral with the instructions in your plan then we send the funeral account to Golden Charter and your family have nothing to worry about.

Why take out a plan?

Firstly, your funeral will be carried out exactly as you want it. It saves your family the added stress of organising your funeral and the financial burden of a funeral. Most importantly, you pay at todays prices and are never asked for another penny thus saving your family further costs in the future. So no matter how much funeral costs rise in years to come, your plan price will be frozen at today’s prices. It’s a better alternative to saving for your funeral, who knows how much a funeral will cost in 10 years time? And if you decided at any point to cancel, you’ll get all your money back minus an administration charge.

How do I pay?

Once we know what your wishes are, we will give you an exact cost of your funeral at today’s prices. That price is the price you pay even though costs will rise over the coming years. This can then be paid in one lump sum or spread out over a few months or a few years by Direct Debit, whichever is suitable for you.

What can I do now?

Simply phone or email for a free, no obligation brochure. Have a good read through everything and if you decide to proceed, contact us and we’ll either visit you at home or you can come to us, then we’ll do the rest. We are not sales people, so you can rest assured we won’t press you into taking out a funeral plan.